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Relax And Find Your Natural Bite

Northeast Arkansas TMJ TREATMENT

With the latest knowledge and advanced technology, dentists are equipped to diagnose and treat disorders such as TMD. Dr. Davis is dedicated to the proper evaluation and treatment of TMD and Malocclusion, ensuring you can remain free from pain and symptoms.

He offers a range of TMD treatments tailored to each patient’s condition. Treatment may commence with the use of an oral appliance, such as jaw re-positioners (known as a Bruxingoral appliance or TMJ guard). Dr Davis also performs Botox injection (when indicated) for relief of TMJ. Similar to a mouth guard, these custom-made devices are designed to hold the jaw in the correct position, preventing habitual teeth clenching and grinding. Trust Dr. Davis at Davis Dental for comprehensive TMD care using the latest techniques and personalized treatment plans.

Clenched Teeth


Pain In Jaw Or Neck

Trouble Opening Your Mouth

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TMJ, arising from causes like genetics, trauma, or illness, can lead to jaw pain, popping sounds, headaches, and ear ringing. Additionally, it may result in a misaligned bite known as occlusal disease. Dr. Davis specializes in addressing this painful problem, restoring full jaw motion to minimize or eliminate pain.

We use BiteFX to efficiently explain bite problems and TMJ, employing centric relation techniques to find the most relaxed jaw position. Custom-made appliances, akin to mouthguards, may be prescribed for TMJ relief and to restore your bite to normal.

With our expertise in correcting bite issues and TMJ, soon you’ll open wide to enjoy your favorite double-decker sandwich. Trust Davis Dental for comprehensive care and effective solutions to TMJ concerns.