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Myo munchee

help your child’s pacifier or thumb sucking habit

A sucking habit, whether with a pacifier or thumb, can contribute to narrow jaws and misaligned teeth in children. Prolonged sucking weakens oral muscles, leading to a tongue thrust and the development of an open bite. Additional symptoms may include messy eating, incorrect swallowing, speech difficulties, chronic mouth breathing, and susceptibility to ear infections. Myo munchee intervention can effectively address these issues at any age, making early intervention crucial. If your child hasn’t developed teeth yet, it’s an opportune time to break the habit with the help of Myo Munchee.

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What is Myo munchee?

The Myo Munchee is an oral appliance designed as an alternative to thumb or pacifier use. By encouraging the child to chew on the appliance, it engages specific muscles to correct the undesirable habit. Additionally, the increased saliva production aids in teaching correct swallowing patterns.

How does it work?

To effectively use the Myo Munchee, the child should actively chew on it twice a day for 5-10 minutes, alongside a few recommended exercises for the lips and tongue. Consistently following this routine for as little as 6 months can help retrain the tongue to adopt the correct position on the roof of the mouth. This process often eliminates the tongue thrust, aiding in bringing the teeth back together. If you’re struggling to overcome these habits, this could be the solution!